our science 04b

The T1 technology is based on a point mutation in the adenovirus genome that enhances the oncolytic properties of adenovirus. The T1 technology provides a novel mechanism to increase the release of adenovirus from infected tumor cells. The T1 mutation eliminates the endoplasmic reticulum retention domain of the adenovirus E3/19K protein. This deletion enhances the adenovirus oncolytic potency in human tumor cell lines and cancer-associated fibroblasts in vitro, and the anti-tumor activity when the virus is injected intra-tumorally or systemically in vivo (Gros A. et al., Can Res, 2008).
This technology has been sub-licensed to ORCA Therapeutics (The Netherlands).


Gros A., MartĂ­nez-Quintanilla J. Puig C, Guedan S., MollevĂ­ D.G., Alemany R., Cascallo M. "Bioselection of a gain of function mutation that enhances adenovirus 5 release and improves its antitumoral potency". Cancer Research 68(21): 8928-8937 (2008).